Tempered & Annealed Glass

Glass Ready for installation 
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Architectural & Ornamental Metals

On-site metal fabrication shop
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Back Painted Glass

Magnetic and non-magnetic markerboards
Digital Prining on Glass - Griffin Glass

Digital Printing on Glass

High-resolution printing with ceramic links

Shower Doors

Custom glass enclosures with Diamon-Fusion© coating
Industrial Demountable - Griffin Glass.j

Industrial Demountable Design Series 212©

New design with long-lasting results

Decorative Laminated Glass

Unique design element to glass dividers with an inter-layer
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Safety with elegance, strength and durability


An architectual essential for outdoor areas


We Achieve Excellence with Every Project

Griffin Glass & Metal Werks, Inc. excels in bringing your construction imagination into reality. Workspace and office design are elevated to new heights with our custom-designed products. Our entire team is committed to providing our customers with unparalleled service and extraordinary craftsmanship, from design to fabrication, and installation to completion.

Zero Punchlist Philosophy

From our first meeting to the last day on-site, we work hard to implement a zero punch list philosophy. It's our commitment to making sure that no detail goes unnoticed, and no final item is left unchecked. The experts on our team are trained to assess, diagnose, and review every step of the design, fabrication, and installation process. Our uncompromising attention to detail and steadfast pursuit of excellence is reflected in the quality, service, and success of every project.

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Collaboration & Design-Assist Services

We welcome collaboration and innovation to customize your project. Our professionals will work with you to provide material and design solutions, or, will follow your existing architectural concepts. Providing just the right balance of glass and metal components will strengthen the aesthetic design in your project. Our products are not only durable and long-lasting, but they also offer the best in visual aesthetics. We incorporate the elements of visual aesthetics including color, shape, pattern, line, texture, visual weight, balance, scale, proximity, and movement for your particular specifications.

Versatile Applications

Our products and services bring versatile applications with endless possibilities. We can turn your ideas into reality with -Backpainted Markerboards -Digital Printing on Glass -Ornamental Architectural Metals -Decorative Metal Panels -Enhanced Laminated Glass -Tempered/Annealed Glass -Patterned/Acid Etched Glass -Glass Cutting & Polishing -Accessory Packages -Glass Shower Doors with Diamon-Fusion© Coating Protection -Industrial Demountable Design IDD-212 Series© -Glass & Metal Handrail/Windscreen