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Griffin Glass & Metal Werks, Inc. exclusive IDD-212 Series© are Architectural products used to construct enclosed environments within an interior setting.


These designs can be used for offices, entryways, meeting and conference rooms, workspace dividers, open area enhancement, and collaborative space functionality.


A variety of hardware and finishes allows for IDD-212 Series© to be customized for your aesthetic goals.

IDD 212 closeup 6.jpg
IDD 212 closeup 5.jpg
IDD 212 closeup 1.jpg
IDD 212 closeup 2.jpg

The best part is the ability to take advantage of as much natural light as possible in each space. Using IDD-212 Series© to create defined spaces will not hinder daylight and views of the city from exterior building walls.

Every size and shape can be created using this versatile and unique product exclusively from

Griffin Glass & Metal Werks, Inc.

Contact our professionals to learn more about our exclusive product IDD-212 Series©

IDD 212 closeup 3.jpg
IDD 212 closeup 4.jpg
IDD 212 closeup 7.png
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