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Strength + Design = Decorative Laminated Glass

This is a favorite of the architectural style and design community. By encapsulating a decorative interlayer between two or more layers of adhesive and two or more panes of glass, unique functionality is achieved.

The decorative interlayer can be made of many different materials including fabrics, weaves, metallic films, printed films, and rice papers.

Laminated glass is an effective way to reduce unwanted outside noise while keeping inside conversations private. This is especially useful in public areas, open-concept layouts, offices, conference rooms, restaurants, hotels, hospitals/medical facilities, and anywhere your project needs a design element that's functional.

Differing degrees of the interlayer materials have different effects on light transmission, creating different degrees of opacity or translucency and a great range of visual effects. Interlayers can be made of single elements or custom combinations, limited only by your imagination and design.

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