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5th Avenue Series©  Custom Engineered System

Our 5th Avenue Series© Column Surrounds are custom designed and fabricated to be versatile and durable in every interior or exterior application.


Adding an aesthetically pleasing design, our column surrounds provide a versatile and durable alternative to unsightly beams, tubes, or concrete columns in any building. Our column surrounds are manufactured out of stainless steel or aluminum and can be customized by choosing the color, brushed finish, and shape. These can be added to your project whether it's simple and standard or complex and unique. We can easily provide the column surrounds that you desire.



Meticulous engineering and shop drawings are included with each order.

Griffin Glass & Metal Werks, Inc. offers the best-in-class engineering and shop drawings for every product we sell. Utilizing the highest industry standards and most technologically advanced design systems. Our in-house engineering department works closely with architects and project managers to provide exactly what is needed to manufacture and fabricate your customized 5th Avenue Series© Column Surrounds.


Choice of finish options.

Griffin Glass & Metal Werks, Inc. offers a variety of metals and finishes

for your customized column surrounds.

Stainless Steel - Brushed #4, Polished #8

Aluminum - Clear Anodized, Primed, Painted

Galvanized Steel - Primed, Enamel

5th Avenue Series v.4.png


More durable and longer lasting than other materials including fiberglass, wood, vinyl, or polyethylene plastic.

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