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A safety necessity for stairs and landings.

Handrails are designed to be grasped by the hand to provide stability or support when ascending or descending stairways. Handrails add to any design aesthetic in their shape, size, finish, metal, end caps and unique features. Glass panels are made and installed with safety in mind.  Modern or classical, all stairways require handrails. 

Glass Handrail Systems include clear or colored tempered glass panels which are combined with stainless steel or metal connectors to keep the structure strong, safe, and appealing. Certain metals will stay clean and sleek throughout regular usage. Glass panels can be coated with the Diamond Fusion@ process which will keep it clear and will require little cleaning.

Steel components can withstand high amounts of weight, providing a secure and stable structure essential for stairways.  Certain glass handrail systems are open in design with minimal and simple features. With advanced engineering and secured construction there is guaranteed fall protection. These handrails offer the ability to see all of your surroundings for both aesthetic and security reasons. 

Our handrail products can be completely customized to meet your unique design aspirations. Everything from the glass, the clamps, fixtures and railings can all be designed, fabricated and manufactured at our facility then installed by our professional installation crew. 

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