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Whether you're looking for a classic whiteboard to spark your ideas as a blank canvas or a more contemporary and stylish color for your markerboard, we have a UNIVERSE of hues that will fit your aesthetic design.

Custom glass panels are well-suited for an array of applications. By separating sections within a particular area, glass panels enhance any space with a UNIVERSE of color options. Glass panel sizes are only limited to what can fit into your space. Each panel can be made up to 72"x120" maximum.

a Cosmos of Collaboration

Create a truly collaborative place for teams to work together.

Getting the right work done the right way is crucial to every company - it requires teamwork. Your workplace will benefit from having high-performing individuals sharing ideas to make up a high-performing team.

Use wall-sized, back-painted glass markerboards in common workspace areas to promote a Cosmos of Collaboration. Increase productivity and communication of an entire team with the utilization of our customized products.

Back Painted Glass Offers Endless Possibilities

Back Painted Glass & Markerboards are sleek and modern, yet flexible in application.

It easily fits into traditional environments, as well as modern locations, and offers beauty and utility to offices, hospitals, schools, hotels, and other commercial spaces.

Incorporate Back Painted Glass Into Your Space

A Perfect Alternative or Upgrade to Traditional Marker Boards

Glassboards, unlike standard whiteboards or marker boards, look just as good after years of use as the day they are installed. Our Marker Boards do not stain or show wear like other, inferior marker boards.

An Ideal Option for Backsplashes in Coffee Areas, Kitchens, Breakrooms and Bathrooms

Add custom colors with a glass surface that easily wipes clean, requiring little maintenance.

Entire Wall Installations in Conference Rooms, Entryways, Vestibules and Reception

Improve collaboration and brainstorming by providing a space where staff can literally write on the wall. 

Add a warm welcoming feeling at your entry with a custom glass wall.

A Great Choice for Corridors and Elevator Lobbies

Back Painted Glass brings color to the walls and is a highly durable surface that's easy to wipe clean.

Dirt and fingerprints don't stand a chance on our Back Painted Glass.

Brand Awareness

Back Painted Glass coupled with our Digital Printing on Glass can be customized to include logos, corporate messaging and branding, full-color graphics or anything you can imagine.

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